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(Tony Stark)
27 / Male / Forever Alone
United Kingdom
Antonio Edward Stark

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❝I just can’t do anything, can I?❞

Stark Heir | Young Hero

Banter Orinated

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{ I would ask myself if I lost my marbles but that's pointless. }
1  19 hours ago

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The Hero gig, something Cole hadn't done in awhile since he activated the Ray Field Inhibitor, it had drained his powers to simplistic levels, just shooting bolts of electricity, he was helping an elderly lady, she couldn't pay her electricity this month, and Cole was able help her daily, keep her house charged, that's when he was fighting a meta, knocked him in the air and into a building, Stark Tower, Cole would get up, annoyed...

"Heavy hitter Bitch, Aren't ya..." He whispers...
15 hours ago

“Not if you can’t answer. You and widow were joking around with things I didn’t fully understand.” She huffed.
Apr 19th 2019 21:59

“Mind telling me what that was all about?” Pepper crossed her arms to the inventor.
Apr 15th 2019 20:40

“Great!” Jace said in joy as he smiled again “wanna get a drink?”
Apr 15th 2019 07:30

“Hey tony did you schedule an appointment for the charity event down at the gala yet?” Pepper hand her checklist ready. There were full of questions for the billionaire to answer.
Apr 13th 2019 19:33

“Hey Tony!” Jace said in a happy tone as he smiled up at the hero “how are you?”
Apr 13th 2019 11:29

Pepper gaped at him as he turned away; not even remotely trying or sorry. She went the opposite direction pretty hurt at the action that has happened. She needed to have some air; so a note she wrote to Tony.
Apr 11th 2019 01:29

“Save it Tony.’s fine.” She sighed. Pepper really didn’t want to hear more. “You’re tired get some rest.” She added before bidding him goodnight.
Apr 9th 2019 00:08

Pepper arched her brow. “Planning on not coming back? And what does that mean?” She crossed her arms. Man of mystery for sure. “People are hounding me asking if you were attending meetings. I told them I had to reschedule due to your unknown decision.” She notified.
Apr 7th 2019 20:19

“Mind telling me where you have been?” Pepper entered the shop arching a brow. “You know Rhodey was looking for you..I was too.”
Apr 6th 2019 19:48