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21 / Female / Single
▎≻ ❝ P R O L O G U E 。。。 I specialize in horror, thriller and gore. But that is not all I write. ❞

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▎▎≻ ❝ The opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect the writer's views. The following profile may contain characters and words that some viewers may find disturbing and/or may not be suitable for younger audiences, including graphic depictions of violence, suicide, drug use, romance, swearing, and other triggering subjects. Viewer discretion is not only advised but also encouraged. ❞

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Thinking about making a blog post with some of my favourite quotes from roleplays past and ongoing.
3  May 10th 2019 16:06

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Krone asked the question
Q. maybe answer your phone sometime, ho >:(
A. LMAO call the house phone you twit
 Nov 19th 2018 13:07

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