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(Oh Shun)
24 / Male / In Love
Jejudo Island, Korea (South)
I bet we're going to be great friends~
I'm Shun, and I love God ✝ , the ocean ☀, and singing ♪

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Your Russian Korean nerd~
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0  Nov 20th 2022 08:29

Latest Questions

Eeyore asked the question
Q. Lorelai asked if we could come over for dinner tonight, can I say yes? ^^
A. Oh sure !
I’ll make sure to come home and shower so I don’t smell like the ocean tonight.
 Nov 27th 2022 08:50

Eeyore asked the question
Q. Why not..?
Did something happen, Shun?
A. I um
Defied the word of my parents. To them
Understandably so
It felt very defiant and cruel to go against them.
 Nov 25th 2022 11:18

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