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19 / Female / In a Relationship
New Zealand
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I have some strict rules:

I have 6+ years of experience. This is probably my third account on this site.

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This weekend replies will be a little slow, especially on Saturday as I plan to be getting drunk while housesitting. Next Tuesday will also be slow as I will be moving house. If my replies have been bad lately as well, it’s just been so hot as it’s the middle of summer now. I’m a little exhausted
2  Jan 13th 2021 22:06

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Jan 12th 2021 03:45

I rewrote my post after sending it because I saw so many errors and my OCD kicked in. Sorry if there is any confusion. I know messages can be clunky. Hope you are enjoying the roleplay. haha.
Dec 15th 2020 09:15