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(savannah Montano)
23 / Female / Single and Looking
Florida - United States
Social media superstar who is popular on the 6-second video sharing app Vine as well as Twitter and Instagram.
She first gained national spotlight through the blogging website Tumblr where she posts photographs, including her own photography.

Latest Status

if you're single set this as your status.
whoever hearts it would f*** u ❤
8  Nov 9th 2019 17:45

Latest Questions

50Cent asked the question
Q. Thanks for letting me know you answer back
A. you're welcome
 Nov 6th 2019 05:32

Q. Best friend!
A. Yes
 Oct 17th 2019 01:06

Latest Comments

Great! How are you?
Nov 14th 2019 03:07

It's nice to meet you too, Savannah. How are you?
Nov 10th 2019 14:19

Hi Savannah I'm Perrie nice to meet you!
Nov 9th 2019 18:25

Hello, Savanah :) I'm Katelyn.
Nov 9th 2019 17:53

Hey, I'm Sarah pleased to hear from you.
Nov 9th 2019 15:25

I'm sorry babe!:(
Nov 7th 2019 20:23

Why, whats up?
Nov 7th 2019 14:23

Only okay?:(
Nov 7th 2019 13:31

Nov 7th 2019 10:12

im good and i need friends to
Nov 7th 2019 09:58