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(Sara Gallagher)
20 / Female / Single
Turn left.. and... you passed it., Mississippi - Somalia
Literate multi-para role-player.
Don’t send random starters.

All my responses will be above one paragraph, and I will include details, and will enjoy the details. I put hard work into my responses, including checking grammar, spelling, and whether it’s cohesive or not. I like responses that move the roleplay /foreword/.

Please don’t add me, unless you’re looking for the above stated too. ^^^

** aesthetic & always tired **
>> comes off edgy af, but is actually a pansy >>
// a sucker for a good plot line, soup and saucy memes //

{ 20 } { Psychology Major } > makes bad jokes >>
{ a little bisexual }
a really, really anxious bean, with a smart mouth
bratty af

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Jun 20th 2019 00:00

Red. I swear if you utter so much as one more syllable I'll take it all out on Alice.

And you'll never hear the end of it.
Jun 18th 2019 04:34

How's that Gibson hangover?
Apr 21st 2019 19:27

Oh? Thinking about me in bed already? Slow down cutie, I don't even know your name.
Mar 26th 2019 02:09

Hopefully you're a better leader than your ex.
Mar 26th 2019 00:55

I'm gonna piss you off so bad, you'll be craving it.
Mar 25th 2019 22:15

maybe we can chat so lonely
new here to this it must be nice to write long ones
I do 3-4 liners
I am siting on a beach an you
Oct 9th 2018 03:41

so sorry I do 3 lines
you are beautiful I am Vicky new to this
I love to kiss you I am bi are you
Oct 9th 2018 03:35

Thank you for accepting me
Sep 11th 2018 23:17

I’m incredibly sorry for being gone for such a long time, love. I do hope you’re able to forgive me. :(
May 20th 2018 00:42