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26 / Female / Single
Massachusetts - United States
para to multi-para writer, depending on how much you give me. dark, triggering themes are very common in my roleplays. horror/gore, psychological manipulation, abuse, alcohol/drug abuse, kidnapping, stockholm syndrome, murder, etc. if you have a problem with any of that, tell me beforehand, so that i don't accidentally upset you.

since i've gotten more than a few odd requests in the past, i've decided to list my limits on my bio. they are: incest, rape/rape play, pedophilia/underage sex (it's disgusting how many people want this), bathroom play, and bestiality. if you ask for any of this, it's an automatic unfriend (bathroom play & rape play), block (incest & rape), or block and report (pedophilia & bestiality).

don't approach me in character, please! i'll make a few exceptions but it's honestly really annoying. i'm somebody who likes to have an idea of where the roleplay will go and i can't do that if you start the roleplay as soon as i accept your request.

oh! before i forget, i want to mention that i won't read or write novella. i've done it before in the past and it always stressed me out. stick to multi-para, please. if you want to know anything else, you can ask me about it. thank you for reading.

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Q. Hey. Did you get my new chat message?
A. Yeah, I got it.
 Oct 26th 2020 07:47

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Idk. Its janky. I am gonna delete the chat and re-message you.
Oct 26th 2020 07:38

The picture you sent me didn't work. It was blank. When I clicked on it the link sent me to an online store like Amazon. Also for some reason I can't message you back in the chat.
Oct 26th 2020 07:29