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Kim Ji-Seo

NAME: Kim Ji-Seo

AGE: 17-23

GENDER: female


SEXUALITY: pansexual

PERSONALITY: Playful, Joyful, Kind, Caring, Loyal she's not one to let someone tell her who she can and can't be this has been the case since she was 9 years old. She can be serious but most of the times she is playing around thoughtlessly.

Her family finds her demeanor annoying. Her personality is similar to Shikimarus from Naruto. She'd rather be sleeping or being lazy than whatever she HAS to do.

She doesn't take no as an answer. She's not use to being denied what she wants.

PAST: Kim grew up in a prestigious and well known household making her the center of attention. She was set to take over her families jewelry business when her parents saw fit. As time went on Kim became lazy in her studies, she got good grades and all, but they definitely could've been a lot better when Kim was 5 her parents decided to give birth to her brother Kang Ji-Seo.

He was there pride and joy while she was loved but not as much as him. She graduated High school and was unemployed for a year, after trying out modeling she decided she liked it and gave it a try.

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