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(Roseanne Joy)
22 / Female / Single
New York - United States
Hey y'all!

I have not been on this site in a few years, if I'm being honest. It's a pleasure to be back, but also I'm going to probably be very picky with who I add because I'm not able to come on here super often to roleplay due to school things, so I hope whoever I add/accept can understand that!

That being said, please be literate. I understand English is not everyone's first language - it isn't even mine, but still please put effort into replies. If you use asterisks to signify actions when you roleplay, don't bother adding me. If you don't do anything longer than one-liners, don't bother adding me. I'm going to put a random word into this bio; send it to me within the first 3 messages or I'll unadd you! I know it sounds rude, but like I said, I want to enjoy my time here. I usually write a paragraph or two in my replies because I feel like it offers the other person a chance to react to whatever my character does in those paragraphs! Also, no sm*t only roleplays!!! Those are insanely boring to me and I will not tolerate that.

I hope that I can meet a lot of you and that we can enjoy some fun roleplays, but like I mentioned please don't rush me since I am - porcupine - busy with school and I don't need any extra stress.

Thanks for reading this far!

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Q. How come? I am not doing anything :3
A. How come you're sweet? You're being so nice today :*
 Mar 21st 2022 22:05

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Miss chuuu
Mar 30th 2022 21:08

I miss you a lot
Mar 23rd 2022 19:30

How rude! I am always nice. You’re just extra tender today ha ha
Mar 21st 2022 22:22

Oh, not much. Just being the adorable thing you are
Mar 21st 2022 21:57

Ha ha, you know what you’re doing and you better behave :3
Mar 21st 2022 21:30

Hey, Rosie ;3
Mar 21st 2022 21:15

Very lucky me indeed. ;3
Mar 16th 2022 00:03

Mar 15th 2022 01:25

Hello! Just a reminder of your partner that he is sending his good vibes to you. Take lots of care! When we meet again we are going to have a good time, you’ll see. Sending you a big ball of energy! :D
Mar 10th 2022 22:13