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mre menus

so, i work in the army(rp character) and well, we don't have the best food but we have some good stuff. here's a menu you can use
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Graham Paul Gibson (steven universe/hazbin/helluva

Graham Paul Gibson (steven universe/hazbin/helluva boss)

Age: 14(is what he says he is, he's really 5683)

Species: “Is there really a species name for what I am?”

Gender: “technically I don't have a gender, but if did i'd prefer male”

Creation: Sep 13, 2015(no im not 5)

Height: 4 feet 11 inch

Weight: 87.4 pounds

Sexuality: asexual

Occupation: Teacher at little homeworld (all the rest is just stuff he has to do)


Skin: white

Eyes: blue

Hair color: reddish brown

Hair length: to his shoulder blades

Clothes: gray ripped pants at the knees, brown running shoes, black toque with a three leaf clover emblem, blue morphinite(made up gem, it is a almond shape gem(yes i even now how it is formed)) where his belly button should be, blue shirt that has a hole to reveal his gem, a gray vest with a yellow star on the back, gray roundish glasses.

Likes: seeing new worlds, snuggling with his cat.

Dislikes: being poofed

Fears: the dark, slight fear of heights, insects, destroying universes by messing with the timeline.

Powers: shape shifting

Weapon: (i dont not know a name or have a picture, the best i can give you is a lego part, lego piece 37341d in a blue)
(without gear)
health(getting sick kind): (can't get sick so) 5
health(stabbing kind): (is stronger than most gems) 2
Stangth: 3
Speed: 3
Agility: 4
Smarts: 5
Luck: 3
Wisdom: 3
(with gear)
health(getting sick kind): (can't get sick so) 5
health(stabbing kind): (is stronger than most gems) 2
Stangth: 5
Speed: 5
Agility: 3
Smarts: 5
Luck: 4
Wisdom: 3

(has no family only a cat)
Pet: cat
Name: minx
Gender: female
Looks: white fur with gray smudges and a brown streak in between her eyes, blue eyes.
Age: 4
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i dont really like making rules, but there are some things i want you to be aware of that some people consider rules so, lets get to them.

1 writing: i prefer to not right much, so that way its more interactive between each other, so don't expect a paragraph.
2 unfriending: if you want to unfriend that's fine, if you go quiet then that will make me upset, id rather you unfriend the ghost.
3 characters: i prefer to be OC'S as to not be myself and not have to act like the character in question, being my character fells much better, but it mostly depends on the character, there are some exceptions.

that's really the main ones, any questions then, ask.
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