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25 / Male / Single
Hey people, how have you all been? I've been on this site for a while already, and by the time I spent in here I was able to define a few things such as my Role-playing style, so I wanted to share with you a little about me, that said some info is coming down bellow.

When it comes to Role-play I'm not really picky about length, though I have to admit that I do prefer details, but that's something that doesn't really bugs me, be it a one liner or even novella length, as long as both sides are have fun then everything will be good. I will reply up to the amount you give me and try to keep things interesting as much as I can from that. I also prefer to come up with something from scratch both for story and character wise, but if you wish to do anything specific from some kind of series or anything already existent in this universe don't hesitate to ask me, we can come up with something if I have knowledge about it. Also I don't have any characters on my blogs for a reason, I come up with them after discussing the Role-play story-line.

I suppose that's it for now, I'm interested in Role-playing, talking and meeting new people, so feel free to send me a friend request and a message if you're interested in any :)

I hope we can get along well and write awesome stories together in the future.

With that said, wherever you are in this world i wish you a good day/night and I'll see you on the messages screen.

Oh and @Silver16 is my favorite role-player 11/10

@-thedogmaster- is a really good friend of mine, please be nice to them

Latest Questions

Q. Hey sorry for not being on that much I have been having a hard time, but im here now want to roleplay?
A. Hello, hope things are better for you, and sure just message me with what we were roleplaying about cuz I don't remember what it was xD
 Oct 28th 2020 16:54

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Can we continue? I miss you.
Dec 17th 2020 01:48

Thank you Ace!
Nov 3rd 2020 12:59

I’ve known you for two years Ace and you’re still my favorite!~
Oct 1st 2020 19:53

how are you today ?
Aug 27th 2020 12:32

I can't respond for some reason :(
Aug 20th 2020 21:52

I can't respond for some reason :(
Aug 20th 2020 21:52

I am having a great day!
Jun 25th 2020 11:20

heyo I hope your having a wonderful day so far ^^
Jun 25th 2020 11:12

sure id love too ^^
Jun 17th 2020 11:37

good morning Ace I hope you have a stress free day <3 ^^
Jun 17th 2020 09:59