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Q. hey, sorry to bother u, you there?
A. Don't worry about it, just finished work. Check it out :p
 Sep 14th 2021 14:06

Q. hey? sorry for bothing u but are u still there?
A. Yep, just came back home! Check your inbox :p
 Sep 13th 2021 16:29

Latest Comments

Jul 2nd 2021 20:23

Hello! :> I was wondering if you were still on for the roleplay we were planning on? :>
Jun 11th 2021 20:08

Thank you for adding me!
Apr 9th 2021 18:05

You wanna start a new Rp ?
Apr 5th 2021 14:06

its bugging... do you have a discord at all?
Mar 14th 2021 15:25

I wish to continue planning with you my friend?
Mar 14th 2021 15:13

Thank you Ace!
Nov 3rd 2020 12:59

how are you today ?
Aug 27th 2020 12:32

I am having a great day!
Jun 25th 2020 11:20

heyo I hope your having a wonderful day so far ^^
Jun 25th 2020 11:12