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r0tten's Blog

an elaborate expression of lust

As I sit down to write this, my mind drifts back to the first time I met her. She was a whirlwind of energy and passion, her voice captivating everyone in the room. From that moment on, I knew she was destined for greatness.
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morbid lovers.

   name: adrian fallon redford

   name meaning:
   (adrian: rich)
   (fallon: superior, decended from a ruler)
   (redford: ...)

   nicknames: addie , fallon, ads
   age: 24

   date of birth: august 27 1999
   place of birth: vancouver, canada

   area of residence: new york city
   occupation/job: singer, ROTTEN

   height: 6'
   eye color: brown

   hair color: brown
   clothes: mostly thrifted

   tattoos: 3 billion tattoos
   piercings: ear lobes

   hobbies: singing, playing guitar, reading, traveling, drawing
   pets: earl (died lmfao)

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derail me.

   rollercoaster of friendships

   adeline (@missing) the one and only, love interest that has ever caught his attention

   angela (@serenade): adrian met angie through her brother santiago who shared
   similar music interests with adrian during high school. angie and adrian have been
   best friends since then.

   cardan (@fiction) friends since high school, remain very good friends ever since

   kassie (@h8tr): met due to similar music interest and decided to create a band together,
   starting as friends with benefits but ending just as best friends. band is still alive and very
   well known

   indy (@meadow): adrian met her because her store was located near his friends' workplace.
   he would always buy bouquets of flowers from that specifc store, and still does.
   indy is like a sister to him

   connor (@highway): met due to mutual friends, funniest guy around!!!

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    band created in july 2022.
    rotten. originally was formed by adrian and kasia
    the name 'rotten' was chosen initially because of the wordplay they could come
    up with while creating song/album names. a grungy style, type of vibe for the
    band. the best genres that can describe their band are, rock. alternative rock .
    metal . indie rock .


    meet the members:
    adrian- guitarist . songwriter . vocalist (@r0tten)
    kasia - bassist . guitarist . lead vocalist (@h8tr)
    atlas- ex rotten member . drummer
    albums released.

    track list'
     morbid lovers.
     derail me.
     an elaborate expression of lust.
     HURT ME.
     don't touch me there.
     HEAL ME.

    upcoming albums.

     bitter serenade

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