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queen_enchantment's Blog

The Diviness

The Diviness is the daughter of the god of time and the goddesss of victory and fertility. She has many names, but will only answer to her title to those outside of her family. Despite being descent from a long line of gods, the Diviness has no set reign over something, preferring to be a free woman of her own mind. She resides in the realm of the second heaven with her mother where time is considerably slower even to other gods.

Name: The Diviness, Exhelia, Shor’mul, Krimi, Wendoghal,
Age: Age Unknown due to tremendously slowed down times in different realms
Occupation: Minor Goddess, dictates certain lands
Sexuality: Unknown
Personality: Cold, Snobbish, Condescending
Likely to fall in love: Unknown
Race: Goddess
Powers/Abilities: Teleportation, Mind Manipulation, Enhanced senses, Invulnerable to attacks but not immortal
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Name: Zaori "Hellriser"
Age: Since the dawn of time - unknown
Occupation: Goddess
Sexuality: None
Personality: Warm, nice, outgoing, cheerful, protective, mother hen-ish
Likely to fall in love: Absolutely zero chance.
Race: Goddess of War, Judgement and Sorrow. Female counterpart goddess of souls.
Powers/Abilities: Zaori is immortal and unable to be killed. The full extent of her power is unknown outside of what she is the goddess of.

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Name: Oroda Emanuel “Glass Breaker”
Age: 25
Occupation: Personal Guard of the Church
Sexuality: Lesbian - Top
Personality: Warm, nice, outgoing, cheerful, protective, mother hen-ish
Likely to fall in love: Average
Race: Human
Powers/Abilities: Advanced fighting skills and senses, high intelligence and solving skills
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Name: Rinny Saligo / Rin
Age: 327 Years
Occupation: Assassin
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: A bit closed off, protective of younger humans, a bit standoffish towards men, quiet but can be kind
Likely to fall in love: Less than Average
Race: Human turned Demonic
Powers/Abilities: Not specified
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Name: Yenella / Forrest
Age: 1136 Years
Occupation: Avenger of Nature, Demi Goddess
Sexuality: Unknown
Personality: Introverted, aggressive around people but calm when alone
Likely to fall in love: Little to no chance
Race: Demi goddess of nature(Father was human, Mother is Mother Nature, Goddess of all life on Earth)
Powers/Abilities: Control over nature itself /not animals or humans, seeing what nature sees, hearing plants thoughts, the wind, other unspecified power
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