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(Kida ~)
19 / Female / Single
Georgia - United States

Hello, from one line roleplays to detailed description stories I do them all~

This will be updated soon, I will post ocs that you can choose from. I do either n*fw or sfw. I don't care.

My favorite kinks but not limited to~
Power play

No rules in this fantasy world. Just know basic grammar and be as op as you want, just within a limit.

FxM FxF and can do MxM

Latest Status

Go add my disc to talk to me ooc! :) @locatingstars#5271 Don’t have a discord but still wanna be friends? Just message me and we’ll connect!
6  Feb 18th 2020 14:13

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Q. MtG

Yay or nah
A. can’t reveal my secrets Dude.
 Feb 17th 2020 01:20

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