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29 / Male / Single
Phoenix, Arizona - United States
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Q. Yeepo.?
A. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
 Feb 28th 2017 19:42

PussPuss asked the question
Q. Will life ever improve for people
A. Yes!
 Jan 20th 2017 09:02

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Hey! You guys really helped my social anxiety with this site. Because of the people I've met, because of the love I get every single day by being here, I am now more confident as a person, so thank you. Thank you so much for creating a safe environment for everybody.
Mar 2nd 2017 10:21

Keep doing what you're doing :D
Mar 2nd 2017 10:03

Why are you so weird and cool?
Jan 29th 2017 16:51

Jan 24th 2017 16:29

TBH I look at your groups and pictures and I think how awesome you would be irl xDD
Jan 17th 2017 17:57

^^ I love your website good luck! <3
Jan 15th 2017 22:07

ive met some of my best friends on this site

thank you
Jan 13th 2017 11:14

Great website, love it! (;
Dec 24th 2016 05:02

Dec 6th 2016 15:52

Oct 27th 2016 08:35