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So, first things first I'm not all that good at roleplaying. I often have to think a good while before I respond. I'm sorry if I take long >.<

I will post a roleplay idea here and change it when I feel like it. Pm me about it when you feel like roleplaying it~
I'll move the old ones to my blog.

Feya, or rather her full name, Feyanna Stellana Miavita, was born into a family of royalty as only daughter of the king and queen of Merquav. At the age of ten she was highly dreaded amongst her people, and at the age of 12, when her father and mother died in a rather peculiar incident, she took the trone. Now, a little over six years later, she was still the same brat from when she was 12. But she ruled her land without trouble as everyone obeyed her. Would anyone be able to warm her frozen heart and cold attitude?

She loved sitting on the marble throne of her mother. Her hands feeling the white and cold stone. She moved her gaze to the boy in front of her. A brat who stole a piece of bread. He looked disgraceful. "Clean." She said. The boy looked at her in disbelief. He had nothing to clean with? "But..." The young queen got annoyed. "I said clean, peasant" She snapped her fingers and an unexplainable force pressed the boy to his knees and made him rub the floor with his bare hands. Half an hour she watched. "You're only making it dirtier. Bring him away." The force stopped and two guards took the boy outside the great hall. Immediately one of the maids came to clean the floor properly. The young queen turned to one of her butlers. "He stole. Make him work to repay what he stole. I want all of the palace to be cleaned by him."

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