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(Elijah Kamski)
37 / Male / Single
Detroit, Michigan - United States
"Deviants. Fascinating, aren't they?"

Please contact Kamski Enterprises's official representative, Chloe (@RT600), for business inquiries

ALT @iudicium

Latest Questions

RT600 asked the question
Q. Chloe stood atop a small ladder, carefully adding fish to the tank in the living room. She closed the lid, folding and replacing the ladder before admiring the multicolored fish. "Elijah!" She called.
A. A distant, muffled, "What is it?" came from a different room. Shuffling of light footesteps made its way to where Chloe stood. "...Oh."
 Aug 6th 2018 09:47

RT600 asked the question
Q. "Elijah, I've learned something new, would you like to see?"
A. "What is it this time Chloe?" He squints at her. "It better not be... memes."
 Aug 1st 2018 00:36

Latest Comments

"Detective Gavin /Reed/. I came here to learn more about these... 'Deviants', surely you should know something about them?" He slowly quirked a brow as he looked around the area.
Aug 5th 2018 11:15

"You're the /genius/ that invent those tincans, right? Man, it must be great - Looking at the news to see everyone hating on your own creations." The detective remarked, folding his arms with furrowed eyebrows.
Aug 4th 2018 12:36