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( ༄ Byeol Kim ༄)
23 / Female / Single
bed, Korea (South)
          ☞ BYEOL LEE KIM

               when i tell you, you're beautiful,
               i don't mean just your appearance.
               i mean all of you; who and what you
               are, is beautiful.

               the first time we talked, you smiled
               at me and i couldn't think straight for
               the rest the day - it was unforgettable

               at one point, i didn't wanna fall in love.
               but then at some point, you smiled and
               my god, did i blew that idea. i remember
               thinking, ‛What A Beautiful Person.’



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                              pretty .
1  11 minutes ago

Latest Questions

Q. No, the place we're /going/ at
A. oh.
 Jul 10th 2020 04:23

Q. After i showed you the /thing/
A. the place we were just at?
 Jul 10th 2020 04:16

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how dare
Jul 8th 2020 23:45

n o <3
Jul 8th 2020 23:44

x3 nuzzles pounces on you uwu you so warm
Jul 8th 2020 23:42

bing bam bop
Jul 8th 2020 23:41

p OP
Jul 8th 2020 23:34