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(Belladonna Love)
24 / Female / Single
Missouri - United States
*Wrote three plots below, let me know if you're interested!*
A little bit about me...
I enjoy writing just about all kinds of fiction, and I like to role-play with partners because I genuinely believe it makes me a better writer.
If you’re looking for a partner and want to brainstorm some plot ideas please dm me.
I typically write to match my partner; we can discuss preferences of first/third person. When in doubt I’d do third person anyway.
I’m a student, so I’ll try to keep people updated when I would go on a hiatus. If I have enough time between schoolwork I might squeeze in one post a day… but we’ll play it by ear.

My characters could be just about all body shapes as long as it’s natural and proportional, all characters over the age of 18!

The various themes I would love to include could be any of the following
Fantasy / Mythology and folklore (paranormal)
Thriller/horror (I guess like Zombie Apocalypse)
Historical fiction (Of many themes Ancient, Medieval or Western)
Action or Suspense
Science Fiction
Modern/slice of life (Maybe college life with roommates, or office work)

Plot 1

Mystery RP

Your character (a detective) goes undercover to find Alison Simmons, a potential link to his best friends murder. She's an illusive beauty, secretly in hiding from a corrupt club owner who will stop at nothing to keep her silenced. (If you pick this plot I’ll tell you what your character does know, and we’ll work from there.)

Fantasy RP

A narcissistic goddess visits earth in order to find the three stones powerful enough to help her Claim her throne. She seeks help from her divine servant, and destined husband who’s family is fated to serve the goddess for generations.
Her servant has no belief in gods and thinks she’s suffering from delusions. Even stranger other gods show up to complicate things.

Science Fiction RP

In this plot there are two factions Union and the Empire. (Both sides might be equally run by corrupt individuals neither is entirely evil, good and bad people on both ends)

My character’s is a Union Engineer, and she invented a device and reported it to the Union as a breakthrough. But an Empire Captain intercepted her message, and he landed his ship on her colony to capture her. Fearing that they want her device for evil she tries to get away but ends up getting captured by an Empire Captain.

She doesn’t know why he wants her device and when it breaks she's forced to build another. (I already have reasons in mind, but we can come up with more ideas)

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