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Name: Bastien, infamously known as The Shadow in the Smoke.
Age: 27
Height: 6'6"
Race: Human

Appearance: Bastien is a tall figure with a toned, muscular build. His hair is short and blonde, so is his beard. He has strikingly blue eyes. He has a ring around his left forearm which seems like a burn; the only scar he has on his body. The origin of this ring is unknown, it was there when he was found by the bandits as a baby.

Personality: Bastien is impatient and slightly bad-tempered. He is also very confident and enquisitive.

History: When he was still a baby, his village mysteriously burnt down and he was found in the ruins by some bandits from a nearby city, completely unharmed by the fire but everything else around him turned to smoldering ash. Realising his potential as a useful tool for their operations, the bandits trained him in their craft, teaching him all the necessary skills he would need to be just as good as them. They practically became his family.

As bastien grew older, he developed other pyrokinetic abilities besides just being invulnerable to fire and heat, such as the ability to conjure up small fires or snuff out flames with just a thought. Upon discovering this ability, the bandits made sure to take advantage of these powers, using Bastien to carry out arson in their name. This made the bandits even more feared across the land.

As the reputation of the bandit gang grew, so did Bastien's influence and popularity among his peers. The leader, seeing this, started to fear that he might gain too much support and eventually usurp him as the alpha. In order to bring a stop to Bastien's rise in popularity, the leader framed him by setting one of the bandits safehouses on fire and blaming him. His plan worked, and Bastien had to flee the city to save his life.

Now an outcast and a wanted man in the city's underground community, travelled as far as he could from the city, finding his way to other large cities around the world and making allies of the crime circles there. Along the way, he also honed his skills in combat, strategy and leadership. His skills in arson also earned him a reputation wherever he went, many beginning to call him the "Shadow in the Smoke."
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Bradley Summers

Name: Bradley Summers
Age: 19
Godly parent: Apollo
Human parent: Diane Summers

Appearence: Bradley is 5'11" in height with a well toned, athletic build. He has short curly blonde hair, bright blue eyes and a small cut across the left eyebrow. He was born with a small birthmark on his right forearm which eventually grew and revealed itself to be a magical tattoo and a gift from his father.

Abilities: Bradley has many of the abilities that the children of Apollo possess. He is naturally athletic and excels in most physical sports and hand-to-hand combat. He is also skilled at archery, possessing a bow which is unique to him. While it is very rare for demigods, Bradley possesses photokinesis, but to a very limited extent.

Personality: Bradley is very confident and easy-going, getting along with most people easily. However, he does get very cocky and will usually not back out of challenges no matter how dangerous they could be.
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