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(Harry Hook)
22 / Male / Single
Isle of the Lost, United States
I never know what to put here but...

Rules are in my blog posts.
Please read those before asking for a roleplay.

I live in EST, that typically dictates what times I'm online.

Add me on discord for faster responses: pirateharryhook#9385

Latest Status

// sorry I haven’t been on much today. I worked all day and didn’t get home until late. I have another early shift in the morning so I probably won’t be able to get replies out until tomorrow afternoon!
I’m sorry guys!
Goodnight though!
Mood: tired
2  Jul 11th 2020 02:12

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HOWLS asked the question
Q. yay!
A. how are you my love?
 Jul 11th 2020 23:47

HOWLS asked the question
Q. how are you doing lovely
A. I’m doing quite well, it’s been a long day but a good day nonetheless
 Jul 11th 2020 23:10

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Jun 17th 2020 05:45