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Eden Oliver

Eden was close to earning her archangel status when she "fell", corrupted by the world she swore to be better than.

At least, that's what Michael would tell you if you asked. In reality, Eden had discovered the lies behind their "perfection". She understood that the narcissism and inflated attitude was wrong and she didn't want to act like she was above other races anymore.

That's when he attacked her, cutting off her wings with his flaming sword, leaving burns and scars across her back. He left her for dead and burned her wings, disposing of the evidence that she was part of the most "perfect" race there was.

Fortunately, she was found by those she used to scoff at. thinking they'd never be as special as her. They nursed her back to health and she entered the world with a new mindset. However, that didn't mean she didn't miss her wings.

She'd do anything to get them back because if she was ever going to make Michael pay for what he did, she'd need them. For now, she pretends she's human, waiting with virtuous patience for the right opportunity to get her wings back and make Michael feel what she did.
Eden is curious and open-minded, but on guard. She doesn't like to be touched on her back due to the scars on her skin. She usually dresses with multiple layers to conceal it well.
She stands about 5'6" with an athletic build. Her wings are pristine white and 14 feet in span, on the larger end for angels.
-enhanced strength/speed
-skilled with various weapons
-flight (with wings)
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Character Portal

~~ MALE ~~

Conway (merman)

Avery Townend (human/pirate)

Laran "Lars" Martin (god of war)

Alexander Ross (angel)

Matthew McGregor (human/assassin/hitman)

Grant Howard (human/musician)

Fritz Molgaard (human/royalty)

Mavis Ishii (elf/royalty)

~~ FEMALE ~~

Samara Jonas (human/space pirate)

Hannah Lawson (human/criminal)

Amara Grim (reaper)

Eden Oliver (angel)

Sarah Montgomery (human)

Odelia Grant (human/royalty)

Hana Ishii (elf/royalty)
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Samara Jonas

Sam is a bit of a pain in the ass to most people. Stubborn, slick, and clever, she tends to be a problem for the people she interacts with. As a professional criminal, you couldn't expect less.

Samara Jonas was born on a spaceship out in the middle of the cosmos. She's mostly human, and passes well for one, but in most plots, she's never been to Earth or interacted with other humans. Most of her days are spent looking for goods to steal and sell or working on some task she was hired to do. She isn't an assassin and isn't open to killing people for money.

You could say her vibes are kind of like Peter Quill from Guardians of the Galaxy. She has her own ship, which she calls the Hawk, that was a sleek design made for speedy escapes and evasive maneuvers. Her spacesuit is a metallic red, boasting a mask with bug-like features.

She's been alone most of her life, but she'll claim to like it better that way.

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Plot Ideas

Plots are open to MxF or FxF unless specified as a set pairing.


1) your character is a stowaway and my character is the captain of the ship. for whatever reason your character ended up on the ship, the captain isn’t going to let them stay without putting some work in

2) your character is a just your average townsperson and mine is a “criminal” type of pirate. they may flirt when on land, but a pirate never stays in one place for long

3) your character is a skilled sailor, forced to work with a pirate crew for some kind of journey because they were cheaper to hire. your character was hired to be the captain of the ship, but mine is a captain without a ship and they won’t want to give much power to your character too easily.

My characters for these plots:


4) ( To make a long story short, Amara Grim is the daughter of Death himself. Her job is to fix any unbalances in the world: people who avoided death when they shouldn't have, people who gained immortality, or people with a anomaly in their soul. These problems aren't as common in the modern day as fewer people messed around with witchcraft and dark magic. So, Amara got to spend most of her time wandering the earth in a human-like form, studying the humans.Your character becomes an anomaly (I'll let you come up with a story of why), but when Amara tracks them down they either seem too interesting for her to kill right away or they're more powerful than she could have imagined and she can't kill them right away. Whatever the reason they aren't dead yet, she's intrigued by it. Now she has to convince Death that she's not avoiding her job or unable to do it before he comes after the anomaly himself. This idea is still slightly vague because it depends on the situation of the other character.

(Next 3 plots for this character:
5) Your character is a goddess of peace (or similar if you want to be super accurate to history), basically the opposite of the god of war, that is also on Earth for whatever reason you may come up with. Somehow they meet, start to fall in love, all while not knowing who the other one really is. Something happens (apocalypse) and one of them does something in response (he fuels it or she tries to stop it) that reveals who they are to the other. Sorry this one is super vague because there's so many different directions it could go in.

6) Your character is just a normal human. One night she is stuck in a dangerous situation with a man as she's trying to get home. Laran happens to pass by and, while he normally wouldn't help a human out of their fate, he chooses to use his power to make your character outrageously angry until she punches the man that has her trapped and sends him running. "Didn't that feel good?" Laran would ask, a devilish look in his eye. Your character would be wondering who the hell this guy is and what came over her. "Don't you feel strong? I can make you feel like that again..." He'd tempt, his own curiosity growing on the thought of having a little test subject for his powers. I'd expect this plot to go in a direction where she'd fall for him because he makes her feel powerful, but he'd take a while to admit he might actually care about her in return.

7) Your character is a researcher of the gods with the technology to detect the presence of one that she'd developed herself. She carries it around with her everywhere, hoping to be the first human to know if there was a god or goddess among them. One day, she's in the presence of Laran and her device alerts her that he is not human. She meets him and gets close to him, trying to figure out which god he is. She even starts to fall for him and he loves her just as much. Then, she finds out what god he is and she doesn't know what to think. He's not one of the "good gods" like she'd hoped.
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Laran, God of War

The God of War has gone by many names to many different people, and he likes to cycle through them just to switch things up a bit. Living for century after century would start to get boring for anyone. In the modern day, he was more bored than ever.

Back in the times of empires and tribes, he toyed with fueling spite over trivial issues to spark violence. He got his power from the blood spilled in battle, and watching pitiful humans fight for what they believed by correct was more than entertaining for him.

Now, he doesn't even have to do anything and the humans start fighting. They're constantly killing each other over something or other. It's left the God of War quite bored of it all.

To find some sort of entertainment, he joined the humans in their realm, finding new curiosity in observing them and learning their ways. After quickly finding out that he would need money to continue to live on the surface, he got a job at a college, teaching about ancient religions. It was an ironic disguise, but the humans would be none the wiser.
- making people feel angry (emotional manipulation)
- skill with any weapon
- lightning wielding
- inhuman strength
Physical Appearance:
"Laran Martin" is about 6'2" with slim, fit build. He has long, wavy black hair that may be worn down or tied in a low bun. His demeanor is typically very stoic and unbothered, but his students notice a subtle passion when he speaks about religious wars or gods of war; nothing very concerning, though.
Here's a song and voice for this character:
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