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petrich0rix's Blog

Roleplay Plots

Here are a couple of roleplay plots I've come up with over the span of quite a while. All concepts will be organized by category and have a symbol associated with the genre. The genres listed are vague, so these plots can be incorporated into many storylines.
+=slice of life
1~) Keep quiet: Characters A and B are in a relationship and have been invited to a party hosted by a mutual friend of theirs, so they kindly oblige. Said friend has lived out of town for months due to attending University, so the two are excited to see them. The party in question is a typical college-kid-esque deal: alcohol, loud music, the works. After characters A and B have a couple of drinks in them, things get heated. Character A decides they are in the mood for some risky business, and give character B hints. Character B notices the clues and agrees, so the two venture off into an empty room to conduct their 'business.' The only issue is that there are people around every corner, so they must remain quiet. Character B is anxious that the two will be caught, but character A reassures them. And so arises the nearly impossible task of keeping their voices down.

2+) I've Got Something to Tell You: Character A is a full-time university student, always working on homework or cramming for upcoming exams. Character B is a full-time manager at a rather popular shop in the small town in which they live. The two are best friends, they've known each other their whole lives. Due to their complicated schedules, the two never get to see one another. Despite this, an opportunity arises: Character A is coming home for the summer, and Character B managed to squeeze in a couple of weeks of vacation time. The two meet up and spend all of their time together, catching up and having fun, but there's a big secret just dying to be told: one of the characters has a crush on the other.

3*) You Didn't Hear Anything: Character A is the owner of a large company, swimming in money and popularity amongst their community. They are charismatic, charming, and very professional. Despite this outward appearance, they're hiding a huge secret. One day, Character A thinks they're alone in their office, chatting on the phone. They're having a very heated conversation with someone about a rather large sum of money, and it seems that it's tied in with a huge criminal organization. Character B overhears this and is taken by surprise. When Character A finds out that Character B was listening to their conversation, they decide it is detrimental that they keep this a secret. Hence character B gets tied up in a huge money laundering scheme, being forced to keep the details to themself.

4~) All Worked Up: Characters A and B have recently gotten married and are spending their honeymoon by going on small, romantic dates. One of these dates happens to be at a relatively nice restaurant in the city they're staying in. The two are chatting away and enjoying their meal when an idea pops up in character A's head. Since they'd just gotten married, the two had been having a lot of intimate time. They'd always been experimental and risque in the bedroom, so why not try something new out? Character A begins to tease Character B in an attempt to get them in the mood. They find it fun and adventurous, and admittedly cute due to the shy nature of character B. After Character B becomes flustered, the two decide to head back to their hotel room and take care of business.
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Annalise Pavlov

"Modest Business Woman"

Name: Annalise Pavlov
Nicknames: If she really likes you, you can call her An
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Age: 27
Race/Nationality: Caucasian, Russian/American
Home town: Moscow, Russia
Current location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Occupation: Ex Bratva (mafia) member, current owner of a casino

Height: 5'7
Weight: 130lbs
Hair color/style: Blonde, long and wavy with layers and bangs
Clothing: On the daily whilst at work, Annalise usually wears a purple and black nightdress or a navy blue off-the-shoulder dress. She pairs these with black heels or black slip-on shoes. Her casual attire consists of leggings or jeans with a flowy blouse or a jumper.
Accessories: An is always spotted wearing lots of expensive jewelry, from her sapphire earrings to the many diamond and silver rings on her fingers. She isn't a huge fan of necklaces, but she wears a black lace choker sometimes with her dresses.

Enneagram: 8w7
Overall personality: Annalise is quite sociable and friendly to those she meets at her job, but she's not very trusting when it comes to making personal friends or beginning new relationships with people. She tends to stay to herself and be quite distant, but if she finds you trustworthy she will try her best to provide for you. An is very bold and confident in her abilities, as well as shows her confidence in others even when they don't think they are capable of certain things.

Family: Her father, Ilya, was a mob boss for the entirety of his life until he passed away in relation to his job. He was always cruel to An, dragging her into the 'family business' when she was just fifteen. Her mother, Alisa, tried to stay out of her husband's business and tend to her own affairs. An had a great relationship with her mother and still tries to contact her since leaving Russia, but she never got on with her father.
Friends: An doesn't have the desire to make any friends, she often tends to herself.
Other relationships: She has many connections to Russian mob bosses, but she doesn't find a use for them. She also knows a few dealers in the weapon and 'pharmaceutical' industries.

Health Conditions: Annalise is relatively healthy, both physically and mentally.
Religion: She grew up Christian, but she states that her faith is "between me and God only."
Likes: Spicy foods, classical music, her job, alcoholic beverages
Dislikes: Nosey people, being vulnerable, bright colors, coffee
Hobbies: Playing the piano, reading, hiking, cooking, dancing
Guilty pleasures: Chocolate desserts, pop music, horror films
Sexual Position: Top/bottom switch, dominant
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"Lazy Siren"

Name: Cherry
Nicknames: Cherry-Berry
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual, male lean
Age: She's been around for hundreds of years, but she calls herself 20
Race/Nationality: N/A
Home town: Kennebunkport, Maine
Current location: Kennebunkport, Maine
Occupation: None

Height: 5'4 in her human form
Weight: 125lbs
Hair color/style: Light teal with coral-red tips, long and flowy, usually tied messily into a bun or side ponytail
Clothing: Cherry really just wears whatever she feels like, she doesn't have a style. Her clothing options range anywhere from oversized sweaters and t-shirts to flowy skirts and camisole tops.
Accessories: She keeps a vial of seawater around her neck on a necklace chain. Rather than for fashion, she uses this on occasion when she needs seawater but cannot get to it quickly.

Enneagram: 8w7
Overall personality: Cherry is very flirtatious and enjoys teasing people a lot. She has a hard time handling her emotions at times and is sometimes irritable, but her anger isn't violent or explosive. She doesn't have a strong need to make friends with many humans, but every once in a while someone sparks her interest. Cherry is very hypersexual at times, that isn't the core of her personality, but she tries to put on this facade to cover her vulnerability.
Family: She comes from a tribe of sirens and mermaids, but she hasn't seen them in years and years.
Friends: Cherry has made quite a few friends with some sea creatures, namely an Octopus she calls 'Squish.' Other than that, she has a hard time making and keeping friends.
Other relationships: None

Health Conditions: Cherry has no physical or mental health conditions, she's relatively healthy despite her not-so-healthy diet and exercise routines.
Religion: Atheist
Likes: Her pet beta fish (Oli), snacks, naps, naive men and women
Dislikes: The cold, waking up early, dark colors
Hobbies: Swimming, gaming, collecting sea shells
Guilty pleasures: Cucumbers, er*t*c novels
Sexual Position: Top, dominant
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Original characters!

Here is a list of all my OC's I roleplay with, more will definitely be added over time! These are listed in the order that I enjoy writing with them ^^ I also have listed the genres that I use these characters for.
Vangelina Ross (romance, slice of life, drama, comedy, ero) -
Annalise Pavlov (drama, romance, mafia, ero) -
Cherry (romance, comedy, ero) -
May Harris (drama, slice of life, romance) - to be added
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Vangelina Ross

"Eccentric photographer"

Name: Vangelina Everleigh Ross
Nicknames: Van, Vanny, Vee
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 22
Home town: Gig Harbor, Washington
Current location: Seattle, Washington
Occupation: Freelance photographer and full-time college student

Height: 5'3
Weight: 130lbs
Hair color/style: Jet black, long and straight with bangs
Clothing: Vangelina usually dresses in casual attire. Her typical outfit consists of a grey and white striped crop top with black cotton shorts, along with high-top black converse.
Accessories: Van is always carrying a side bag that holds both her polaroid and digital camera, wallet, keys, a pair of red-tinted sunglasses, and other miscellaneous objects

Enneagram: 3w2
Overall personality: Vangelina is very bubbly and extroverted, always looking forward to chatting with her friends or even strangers on the street. She is also a really good listener and offers advice when needed, always offering a shoulder to lean on. Despite her happy-go-lucky attitude, if you are rude to her she can easily find the words to get under your skin.

Family: Van was always close to her mother, Carrie, they spent most days playing together when she was a child. Her father, Robert, on the other hand, was very cold and distant to Vangelina as he never really wanted children. Her father and mother eventually began to fight and argue daily, greatly straining Van's relationship with them. Van's sister, Josie, was always there for her when she needed it and so they still have a strong bond and close relationship.
Friends: Van doesn't have many friends since people find her 'weird,' but she is very friendly and does have a small circle of a few people.
Other relationships: She has a decent business-client relationship with the owner of a local floral shop, she often takes photos for him to put on his website.

Health Conditions: Vangelina is physically very healthy, but she does have ADHD which she is unmedicated for
Religion: Agnostic
Likes: The color red, visual art, the beach, food, sleeping in, taking photos for people
Dislikes: Bright lights, arrogant people, white chocolate, olives, the color orange, the dark, spiders
Hobbies: Photography, swimming, reading, cooking
Guilty pleasures: R&B music, peanut butter,
Sexual Position: bottom, soft dominant
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