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Lady Augustina Vanne

Short Background:
Augustina Vanne (20) was born into a fairly wealthy family and grew up in the heart of the Kingdom of Aetas. She is the second eldest of four siblings, her being the only female other than her youngest sister, Adelyn. Augustina was an equal combination of traits between her mother and father. She was mid-height (5”5’) with light olive skin and soft features. Her hair was a mix of platinum and honey blonde, and her eyes were a greyish-green color, like a mossy countryside covered in the aftermath of a fire. She had this sort of elegance and grace about her, a kind of beauty that put minds and hearts at ease if you had the pleasure to meet her embracing gaze.
Her father, Jacques Vanne, was a tall, dark haired, moderately handsome man from the Eastern part of the Kingdom of Aetas (French). He had a toned complexion and eyes that shone like emeralds in the evening light. He seemed to be middle-aged (40-45 or so) and his hair was starting to gray. He was a significantly successful tradesman and land owner who sold a wide variety of wool, cloths, spices, and wines to foreign kingdoms, which is how he wound up meeting Augustina’s mother. Her mother was a fair skinned Therian (English) woman by the name of Beatrice Ward, who came from a fairly rich family originating from the Kingdom of Thera. Her eyes were like a calm lake on a summer’s day, a lapis color, and her hair was reminiscent of honey.
Despite her rather ludicrous descent, Augustina was raised to respect those who work for the wealthy and all that they do so that her family can live lavishly. She was always a very graceful and respectful young lady, taking after her mother. When she turned 16, Augustina and her family, (minus her older brother, Hugo) moved back to her mother’s homeland, Thera. Her father thought it would be a good idea to start fresh, after he was caught in an affair with a younger woman. During her time in England, the majority of her time was spent between the Therian royal court and her family’s estate.
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