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(not cruisin' for a bruisin' )
17 / Male / Single
United States
For someone part of Generation Z, I struggled for longer than expected setting up my profile-- which I'll probably abandon in a week or so.

+ I've been roleplaying for "years" meaning I've picked it up and dropped it repeatedly. I have improved, I used to write one-word responses and now I can match the length of my roleplay partners' replies. Character development.

+ I'm getting into the habit of writing character profiles so I don't have to come up with characters on the spot.

+ I'll have to learn the unwritten rules of roleplaying on here, can we get a 'yikes' in the chat?

+ Yes, I am aware that I take ages to reply. I get distracted. I apologize in advance.

&: Now some factoids about myself, I just felt better about putting my "resume" first.

* I am in love with the raven boys (especially Adam Parrish) from The Raven Cycle and I've been on a quest to find someone who will talk about it with me.

* I speak Spanish and I didn't pay a few bucks for a certificate to say I'm bilingual so there's that.

* I'm past my Emo and Angst Phase, stuck in the "Enjoying being treated more like an adult but if anyone else asks me about Law School, I might weep" Phase.