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(Parker Harrison )
22 / Female / Single
Ohio - United States
Hey all! I am a senior professional writing major, and I'm just looking to improve my skills. I have been roleplaying for over six years, and I'd like to think that I'm decent at it :)

While I do enjoy plots that are more true to real life, I'm willing to try new things! As I am someone who puts a lot of time and effort into my writing, I am looking for a partner who is willing to do the same. If you're not, then it's likely we won't be compatible.

I understand that romance is the bread and butter of most roleplays, and I am totally okay with that! However, I'm not interested in anything that is strictly s.exual. If that's what you're looking for, you probably shouldn't add me.

All of that being said, if you're someone who enjoys detailed plots, has good grammar, and is willing to grow and learn as we roleplay together, then I look forward to hearing from you! But first, please read my character information on my blog as well as my rules :)