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(Just an internet dweeb)
15 / Female / Single and Looking
Ozark, Arkansas - United States
Hello and welcome to my page! Please take the time to read my bio before you message me. First of all, I am fifteen years old. I don't really accept followers who are older than seventeen. A simple rule goes for romance: PLEASE DO NOT JUMP INTO A ROMANTIC ROLEPLAY ASAP. Love is something you should take seriously. It's not a game, but most of you have turned it into some worthless word for your lives. It's not all about sleeping in a bed next to someone, it's about them looking at you, knowing what you've been through, and loving you still. Love is something i take seriously and hopefully i find someone who thinks the same as i do. It would be an honor to be someone's partner and know that it's a true relationship. If you send me a one-sentence reply, it kind of shows me that you're not interested in the roleplay anymore. Please, do not send those one-sentence replies. Instead, if the roleplay to you isn't going well, tell me and hopefully we can fix it or make it better! Another rule of mine, is that there will be absolutely no changing my FEMALE characters into MALES. All roleplay descriptions are on my page. All art uploaded on here isn't by me unless I say so. Please keep my page clean of rude comments and the like.

The Undertale Fan Oath~
You say bullets. We say friendliness pellets.
You say get rekt. We say get dunked on.
You listen to BVB or 1D or whatever. We listen to the Undertale OST.
You squeal in a high-pitched voice. We scream very slowly.
You eat cereal for breakfast. We eat Temmie Flakes.
You fangirl over Justin Bieber. We fangirl over Mettaton.
You think we're losers or freaks. We think we're monsters.
You will ignore this. We will put this on our profiles because we are TRUE UNDERTALE TRASH.

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