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i’ll be back soon, might go to prison. idk. >>
2  19 hours ago

Latest Questions

ROLL asked the question
Q. i would love to do that.
A. i’ll bring nice headphones so we can listen to cool music.
 Jul 24th 2021 00:38

ROLL asked the question
Q. don't worry, i'm doing my best, darling.
it's been better than previously.
A. we should get some food soon! i know good street food spots!
 Jul 24th 2021 00:34

Latest Comments

Jul 29th 2021 04:01

hm? why do you ask that?
Jul 21st 2021 23:10

..don't cry.
Jul 21st 2021 23:07

still a no, love.
Jul 21st 2021 23:04

now, angel. why would i tell you what your punishment would be?
Jul 21st 2021 22:58

Jul 21st 2021 22:53

you really think i'd levy you a punishment that's easy? tsk, tsk.
Jul 21st 2021 22:52

try it and see what happens.
Jul 21st 2021 22:50

oh really?
you've been so good for me thus far.
Jul 21st 2021 22:48

mm, such a good angel.
anything you want.
Jul 21st 2021 22:45