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114 / Male / Single
United States
Hey. Nice to meet you, I’m nocturnalMelody. Just another role player on this site. Hope you’ll stay for a while.

I joined this site in 2014, I remember the year. Got banned, and decided to come back!

I’m a nocturnal, video-game obsessed music head. My hobbies include playing an assortment of games, listening to music, and role playing. Some nights I find myself managing to do all three.

I tend to play on my Nintendo Switch a lot. (Splatoon 2 and Ultimate are LIFE, yo.) Feel free to send me a request, but please message or inform me so I know who you are. I tend to delete requests if I don’t know who they come from.

As for role playing, I’m pretty experienced. I’ve been doing this thing for longer than seven years. I don’t have an exact estimate, lost track a little :P. I’m patient toward those who don’t have that much experience, so don’t be scared! I only roleplay in English.

✰ I do roleplay smut, and I don’t mind focusing on it. I enjoy build up or story with it. I’m putting this first so it catches attention.

✰ I prefer Multi-Para roleplaying. Shoot, I really like Novella.

✰ I don’t mind original characters — IF THEY ARE ACTUALLY ORIGINAL AND UNIQUE — I don’t really like them depending on the fandom.

✰ Don’t have a plot? That’s fine! We can come up with something together. =D

✰ I can roleplay in third person and first person.

✰ If we aren’t active, I will try to make an attempt to spark the conversation back up before unfriending / blocking.

Feel free to click that green button! Go on, it won’t bite. That’s all folks!