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20 / Female / Single
Tennessee - United States
Hi :) Outside of RP you can call me Topaz

I've been roleplaying for about 8 years, I love to write so as I write I create roleplays out of them! I almost always use OCs and use images to kinda give an example of what said character will look like.

I'm a semi para/para roleplayer, I will not do one lines. Always up for detail and I'm super open minded. So please come to me with any ideas, but other than that I'm a pretty serious roleplayer. It's a big hobby of mine and I hope you'll read my blog and take a look at all of my current character(s). My only rules are no one lines, and don't just make me do all the creative work. I will become bored. I look forward to roleplaying with you.

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Ay stranger
Apr 10th 2019 22:51

Did you heard what the snail said to the turtle while riding it? Slow down, otherwise you're going to kill me. Is what he said. ^>^
Apr 1st 2019 04:31