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(my reflection; my enemy.)
26 / Male / In Love
my prison - United States
"For what is a poet..."

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I will refer to myself as The Author or Black, but you can call me what you wish.

I am a returning writer, having used this website for many years in my younger days. This account may be new, but I am not.

I've poked my face into this sea of individuals again to express myself more healthily, as I have spent a majority of my time away bottling up and denying my stomach its urge to vomit words. This account will mainly be used for poetry and vents of frustration under the veil of aesthetic hues; a way to howl without my pack seeing my face.

However, I am a sucker for a good story. If you feel like sharing a plot or idea with me, please feel free, as I enjoy my roleplays just as much as I do my personal arts. Do note that I am not one to reply on the daily; I am a very busy creature. I promise to be as responsive as I can be. That will have to be enough.

Please feel free to dive into my DMs if your wishes are simply to chat as well. It's lonely here in the dark.

I am quite shy, believe it or not. If you catch me in your stalkers more than once, I probably think you're interesting but have no balls to add you. Apologies.

I thank you for reading, and wish you a wonderful time.

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"...but a madman who loves his pen?"

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I'll be replying sometime during the weekend. I'm very sorry for the lack of activity. Thank you for your patience.
1  Jun 20th 2024 17:11

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