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(Tam. 'Daughters.of.Heros.&.Villians.')
28 / Female / Single
Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom
I love long, detailed multi paragraphed 18+ dark themed roleplays, feel free to add me if interested. Message me if you'd like to think up on storylines. Check out my characters below.... It's very rare I'll reply to one-liners, may not at all just find them boring, sorry.

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Sirius paused for a moment. ''Professor Dumbledore is not a cruel man, but he uses people who blindly follow him. He used me. He betrayed me, and in that betrayal, he betrayed your parent's memories, and young Harry and yourself.'' Sirius looked over at Emma, ''At least You-Know-Who never lied about his intentions or his past.'' Sirius stopped again, and took Emma's hand in his own. ''I will never defend the Dark Lord's actions, but I can never take up side with Dumbledore again. When you are older, I will explain fully to both you and your brother.'' Sirius stood up and released Emma's hand. '' But that is for later, firstly I think we should have dinner, and then an early night, for your education starts tomorrow.''
Aug 14th 2019 05:39


Liam Doyle was like his parents, a Half-Human, Half-Brachen Demon, and could pass as a Human. For most Half-Demons, being such a being was a curse, but Liam could pass as a Human, and he had the strength of a Brachen Demon, and could fake his own death, if so needed. Liam's father, Allen Francis Doyle, was in and out of Liam's life, but he wasn't a bad man, or a bad father. Allen Doyle had made a lot of mistakes since finding out that he was a Half-Demon, but none of them included Liam. Liam lived with his mother, Rosie O'Donnell, in Galway, before she passed, and sent Liam to live with some kin in California, as Allen was on the run from some Demonic betmaker or other.

Liam settled into his new American life easily, and made friends quickly. He wore a leather jacket, and spoke with an Irish accent, which girls all but drooled over. But for all the smiles on his face, and all the so-called friends that he hanged around with, he was still mourning his mother, and he hadn't heard a word from his father in months. Liam put on a hard act, a brave act, but he was now worried about his dad, but his mother's kin disapproved of the way Allen Doyle lived his life, so Liam had no one to turn to.
Aug 14th 2019 05:38