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17 / Male / Single
Before I get into my account, I just want to say, if anyone is going through something tough, or struggling with anything, feel free to talk to me about it. I'm always ready to listen and help, and won't judge. Also I encourage you to go to me if you need to rant. Again, I don't judge, so feel free to just let loose.

Disclaimer: huge anime fan

I am happy to roleplay almost anything, although as most people, I have rules.

1. No power-gaming
2. There is no rule 2
3. No meta-gaming
4. Don't ask about my username
5. That is pretty much it!

My main thing I roleplay is anime.

Generally, I'll give you a week before sending a reminder. That being said, remember, real life before roleplay.

I will write however much the time demands. If that means I write several paragraphs, that's what I write. If it means I only write a few lines, so be it. If you don't like this, oh well. It's how I roleplay, and I find it works well.

Also, I am happy to adjust my OCs slightly to accomadate small factors, and their relationship status is always neutral, it can change easily within roleplay.

I play both male and female characters relatively well.

-I enjoy long lasting roleplays
-I am okay with cursing, but if you don't then I won't
-I can handle and adapt to any writing, so feel free to let loose or write to whatever plot you want
-Feel free to make sudden unexpected things in the story, such as something bursting in while sleeping, even if undiscussed. I find it makes things interesting and random

Special Mentions (check them all out!)

Exceptional writer, and very fun to roleplay with. Extremely consistent too. Probably my favourite person on this site. I recommend adding this happy pickle.

One of my favourite people just in general. Amazing role player, her character designs are amazing, I don't have enough words to describe her. Amazing as someone to roleplay with or just chat, or both. Add her she's amazinggggggg.

A good roleplayer, great with phrasing. I recommend you check her out.

Great at playing both the role his account is made for, and others, even characters he doesn't like or is unfamiliar with.

Warning: being friends with me is as simple as riding a bike. Except the bike is on fire. And you are on fire, and everything is on fire because you are in hell. (But please try)
There also many memes involved in being friends with me, if that's any incentive.

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║╔╗║ if you love anime!!


The username is a weird story. Back in the days where I played Minecraft, I was growing increasingly frustrated with the 'name taken' system. So I just wrote in the randomest thing I could think of at the time, mrpuppy, followed by one of the random number options they gave when it was taken. From there it just stuck because it was always free.



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Sorry people, might be going on a bit of a hiatus. I'll try not to be gone too long, but don't expect me back until at least the end of February.
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