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(Morgana LaFay Pendragon the kidnapper )
41 / Female / Single
Kingdom of Camelot Castle and Avalon Castle , United Kingdom
Name Morgana take no crap La fay Pendragon

Back Story Morgana is a half blood witch daughter of one Pureblood mother called Vivienne Pendragon nee La fay and one muggle father called Uther Pendragon she be comes a new queen of Camelot and she gets want she wants

occupational Kidnapper


who ever stands in her way

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0  Nov 19th 2020 13:49

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Corrine goes looking everywhere for her precious daughter Olivia but as she does she sees Morgana then she shouts Morgana where is my baby girl Olivia I want her home with me now please
Nov 4th 2020 09:08

Olivia looks out of the window at a strange place then she noticed she far away from her family then she started to cry for her family
Oct 28th 2020 21:04