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(Aspen Mansfield)
22 / Female / Engaged
Montreal, Canada
Hey I’m Aspen!
Mommy to kayla and cody and @friendship is my fiance the best one in the world

Latest Status

@friendship apparently doesn't care about his 2 kids he leaves me alone to take care of our 9 month old daughter and 2 month old son
Mood: angry
1  Jun 22nd 2019 02:41

Latest Questions

Q. I have to ask you something important baby :)
A. Message me
 Mar 25th 2019 02:30

Latest Comments

I miss you beautiful baby girl ❤
Mar 6th 2019 20:26

Dec 16th 2018 23:32

Post more pictures
Dec 16th 2018 23:32

Sep 17th 2018 22:18

Let's rp
Aug 22nd 2018 20:02

Jul 19th 2018 17:34

Sorry if my character acts like a psychotic lunatic lol
Jul 18th 2018 22:45