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(Silver B)
17 / Female / In a Relationship
California - United States
" Of course its romantic its Scottish" (house of night book 7)

now you must know I am taken and don't do DC. you mast also know that I am NOT HUMAN I am many other things and vary kind. To me being called a human is the worst insult ever there mean and I am not.

If you want my discord RozaSilverFaith#7232

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good night from the pit of hell
Mood: overstimulated
1  5 hours ago

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Boruto asked the question
Q. You still there?
A. back
 Jan 9th 2019 21:42

Q. Message me
A. ok
 Oct 27th 2018 15:39

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I love you
when will you put taken by iwtfuh in your profile
Feb 7th 2019 09:45

I added you I am nico@#2654
Jan 23rd 2019 23:56

sent you a friend request on discord
Jan 9th 2019 23:45

Dec 12th 2018 15:32

Nov 21st 2018 12:55