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(Sweets <3)
19 / Female / Forever Alone
California - United States
just ask me what you want to know about me. NOT HUMAN!! thank you

If you want my discord- Bat Kiwi >^,....,^<


Latest Status

hey Im back sorry for being gone
3  Aug 19th 2019 20:19

Latest Questions

Q. Message me
A. ok
 Oct 27th 2018 15:39

Q. busy?
A. ya that why I dissaper so sorry
 Jul 20th 2018 14:39

Latest Comments

dont you love me
Apr 3rd 2019 00:27

don't be bored mommy here for yoyu
Apr 1st 2019 00:12

i cry i shouldnt have send pics
Mar 30th 2019 00:19

dont you want em
Mar 30th 2019 00:14

ty i love you so much
Mar 29th 2019 12:29

i have to go my daddy is calling me
Mar 29th 2019 12:27

i am squirting as i suck you
Mar 29th 2019 12:26

my bf just wants bj an me f***ing him never takes me out
Mar 29th 2019 12:25

he use me to f*** hom that's all he does to me i am 18 and you
Mar 29th 2019 12:23

i love you i don't need him
Mar 29th 2019 12:20