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17 / Female / Single
United States

Hello adventures, wanders, passerbys, stalkers, the whole lot of you, including those that I missed! You can call me monkey, or whatever you see fit. I'll be your guide today in this exploration of the jungle, my home!

I will start with saying these two things: I won't write with anyone under 16, nothing against anyone whose 15 or younger, I'm sure you're all lovely people, I just prefer to stick around people my own age
If you want any more information about me than I have listed above, just ask me in private messages, okie dokie artichokie?

Moving on now! I enjoy writing, like a lot. Expect to see a load of multi-paras and novellas, with the occasional para for when I can't really get anything down, or when I'm not feeling so good.
You don't have to match my lengths EVER, all I ask is at least a para or semi, whichever is more accessible to you, of course!

My rules are pretty much the same as everyone else's, the standard rules of all roleplays, anyways.

I don't condone any illegal and or taboo things I write about and include in my characters. While it is fictional, you have every right to be disgusted, hurt, angry, scared, and any other emotion you feel. However, it is your responsibility to create your own experience online, do everything in your power to create a safe space for you, without harassing and or harming any actual people.

That being said, I like to roleplay as characters of a vast majority. Like characters that generally not good people, those who are going through a difficult, even dangerous, time in their life, mentally ill characters, etcera etcera. Why? Its a for a number of reasons, but the main two being is that I find its more realistic and its like a writing excerise for me, well, depending on the characters at least

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Am back, I had my wisdom teeth taken out! Also also, guess what guys?? They let me keep my teeth!!! :DD
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