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(Maddox Murphy)
12 / Male / In Love
the spotlight, Switzerland
I’m back, sweethearts~! Things got a bit rough, but I’m back and better than ever~

I’m Maddox, and I’d love to give you a hug! I’m always here if you need me. And I love to talk, so chat me up!

You’re all appreciatedd~!

@MultifacetedDarkness is my amazing boyfriend. I never thought he’d want me, but he asked me and I just—!!! I’m so happy! I love him, I really do~

@yourfavoritedaddy is my Daddy, he’s mine! (Gabriel)

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Had the best day ever with @MultifacetedDarkness ~~ Love you, sweetheart!
1  Mar 23rd 2019 22:29

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Maddox is mine and only mine. ♡
Mar 15th 2019 18:32