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milkaroone's Blog

୨ ꒰﹕₊˚ • ❛❛ Ziege ❜❜ • ˚₊ ﹕꒱ ୧

alias┇Ziege, Ziegenmann
age┇Like most information about them, it's not really known. Whenever asked, he's quick to reply with, "how old do you think I am?", and will always, no matter what, will agree with whatever the asker answered with
gender and pronouns┇Unknown, assumed male or agender, any pronouns
sexual orientation┇Let's just says their asexual for now
romantic orientation┇Aromantic
martial status┇Single, probably
species┇Uh kinda like.. a Minotaur? Expect their head is a Poitou goat
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୨ ꒰﹕₊˚ • ❛❛ Penny ❜❜ • ˚₊ ﹕꒱ ୧

name┇Octavia Zoe Sanchez Martinez
alias┇Penny Red Whitworth
gender and pronouns┇Cisgender female, She/her
sexual orientation┇Bisexual
romantic orientation┇Biromantic
relationship type┇Monogamous
martial status┇Widowed
species┇Centaur, top half is human, bottom half is gyspy vanner horse

human half, skin color┇Sorrel
horse half, fur colors┇Her coat is mostly coal black, while she has a spotty splattered type eggshell white pattern on her behind, seeming to continue on down most of her tail hair
hair color┇Mostly coal black with occasional white long streaks of eggshell white
hair style┇Tangled and overgrown shag type of hairstyle

tail color┇the very start of it is a soft eggshell cream white color, where it starts to quickly fade down to a hard black of a block of coal
tail style┇long and tangled. it reaches the ground usually, dragging along, which usually causes it to get dirty

right eye color┇olive green
left eye color┇honey yellow
perticular features┇just her heterochromia eyes! even then, she tries to make it difficult to spot that its actually her, by wearing an eyepatch over one of her eyes. often times, she'll switch her eyepatch over the other eye, just incase..

personality┇Years of being on the run, has made her careful, creative, and alert. Careful choosing who to interact with, how to speak to others, how to present and what to do during almost every situation, while still being overly alert to strangers, those who she interacts with to the settings where she's at, cautious of to possibly not set off anyone or anything in a negative way or manner.

Whenever Penny commits a crime, such as thievery or murder, she makes it a ritual to pay attention to the details, themes, witnesses, and more a part of it

While a lot of things have changed since the.. incident, a few traits haven't been lost, yet some have been kept and shown to be rather helpful to her! One of which, is gossiping. It may dirty her reputation when people hear that she participates in gossiping, but at least it helps her expect with people and gain possible information on them

It's difficult for Penny to trust many people due to having it metaphorically drilled into her brain not to trust anyone, assume the worst, plan for the worst, and never stay in one place more than you need to

She's rather straightforward, a little bit brutal in a way with her bluntness. Some would even say she's difficult too hang out around, being seen as always.. emotionless yet harsh, unable to get close too which makes others uncomfortable or uneasy around her.

Doing work and tasks, Penny is the perfectionist and bossy type, paying great attention to the details and the whole picture, which her creativity helps in as well. Despite her quick ideas for solutions and such, it's usually watered down by her orders and need to take over every situation that she can if she can't work by herself

birth mother┇Zoe Luciana Cazalla Martinez, deceased
birth father┇unknown, assumed dead
step father┇Stout Hill Jurgensen, unknown
step mother┇Marie Quill Jurgensen, unknown
husband┇Abner Roy Moore, deceased

backstory┇Born into a poor family at birth, Octavia never really felt the real luxury and goodness of what many consider a real childhood due to being forced to help her mother with work selling goods, retrieving things that were bought that were usually, if not always, a good while away, only to return scared and exhausted at night alone at home, assuming her mother had gone out to look for more leads of work or tasks that might earn them more of a fortune for them.

While her mum never meant anything negative or harmful for Octavia when she sent her away to collect more goods to sell and forage, Octavia often found herself running into strange people that were known to cause a scene wherever they went. Ignoring their uncomfortable remarks, slurs and overly sexual comments that they spewed at her, she wished that just maybe, her mum could do this part for her instead.

At home sometimes wasn't all that enjoyable either, since Zoe took her frustrations out on her own daughter, forced her to handle more of the tasks that needed to be done, or completely just ignored young Octavia's entire existence.

One fateful month however, Zoe's mood had seemingly changed for the better, as she went easier on Octavia, from changing and removing some of her chores, to actually having positive interactions with her! Yet, a con to this sudden change was that Octavia's mom would often randomly leave, usually during the morning or late in the afternoon.

It was soon revealed why she had such a quick change in mood and personality because she had been seeing someone, a wealthy man who took pity on her financial situation, at first just offering her occasional amounts of money to help, which somehow lead to them forming an intimate relationship with the man now thinking of getting married, living together, having a family, and growing old together, and Mrs. Martinez was quick to accept his proposal

Now suddenly, she forced her daughter to pack up to get ready to move in with a man that was a stranger to her that she was now expected to call her father. Obviously, this sense of rush and confusion was very overwhelming and frustrating for Octavia, but due to her mother's frequent past emotional abuse, she had developed a rather submissive or doormat personality, in which she bottled up her true feelings just to keep the peace

Internally, it was difficult to fully accept and mold into her new lifestyle, to her it seemed like she just went from rags to riches in one day, a new person, no time to get adjusted to her lifestyle and now strangers were seemingly forced into her everyday life

And as she begins to actually get settled in and comfortable with her strange new life, her mother is suddenly and randomly found dead in a coal mine with no explanation or even really an investigation for her. To make things worse, a new woman was moved in almost instantly

After a few years after her mom's death along with someone who was now supposedly her step mother moving in, she was forced to wed someone she didn't know, a stranger, by the name of Abner Roy. During this time, Octavia had went completely numb to feeling emotions after falling into a deep depression, yet still managing to keep her pushover personality alive, so she made no attempt to even reject such matter, instead, forcing herself to bottle up more and more and act as if she had come to finally accept this life of hers
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୨ genres and plots ୧

⋮☰﹫milkaroone's genres
romance (mxm, mxnb, mxf. i'm not a big fan of it though, so i might not do it a lot, im sorry! :[ )
western (pew pew!!)

⋮☰﹫milkaroone's plots
empty, empty, empty
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୨ rule board ୧

⋮☰﹫milkaroone's rule board note
these rules are probably just like everyone else's, but roo still wants to add this blog due to reasons that won't be known unless asked by him specifically in private.
onto the rules now

⋮☰﹫milkaroone's rule board

be rootin, be tootin, be shootin, but most importantly.. be kind

communication is key and i personally value it a lot, so, please communicate!

please don't use semi or one-liners unless its just simple ooc roleplay. (is there even a term for that? it's like, when someone texts you *hug* 'nd its basically them virtually hugging you?)

also asterisks, (aka this star symbol: *), please don't use those either!

okay thats all i think, ride safe partners, yeehaw!
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