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16 / Male / Single
probably hiding in a circus tent - United States
hi, its nice to meet you! you can just call me roone or roo, but i might ask you you or give me to call me something else if i trust you a lot, though.

im a 16-year-old ftm trans boy (it/its or he/him), who is a writer, doodler, average monkey and plushie enjoyer, and as well as multiple other things, but the one main thing that I am here for is to roleplay!
i enjoy writing as well as reading, so roleplaying is an activity i really enjoy participating in, especially considering ive been roleplaying since i was really young, actually.

im think i am selective on who i add and accept since ive been here before, so i sometimes know who to avoid (this sounds so mean but i promise it's not, i just mean predators on this site)

i enjoy fantasy, sci-fi, and western settings a lot, but i have been wanting to see what apocalyptic and dystopian settings are like and generally just some sort of roleplay story with an apocalypse and or dystopia type theme added in!

i also really like characters that aren't human! no, im not talking about furries, im talking monsters! think like.. dragons, skeletons, snow elves from skyrim, half humans (harpies, centaurs, and more), synx's, etc; although i am accepting of all character types, human, animal, furry, monster, slime person(?) whatever!

now im not to sure what else to put here, so let me just wrap this up. heres some vital information you'll need if you're thinking about roleplaying with me

genres + plots: