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21 / Other / Single
on, your left - United States
roleplay rules—

• we should discuss the setting and basic idea before the roleplay starts

• time-skips need to be discussed beforehand

• original characters shouldn’t outshine/minimize canon characters

• I’m not comfortable with all ships and settings; for example, I can’t do plots based around the Captain America movies, nor Stucky (but still I ship it irl)

• I have some ideas, but I don’t like being the one to make all the decisions

• I can’t respond if you don’t match my efforts

• I like to avoid huge amounts of irrelevant details

• if you’re going to introduce a problem in the plot, then you need to make the solution obvious to me, because I’m dumb lol

• it’s no fun if your character is just constantly unhappy, constantly getting hurt, etc.

• by roleplaying with you, I am not signing up to be your therapist

• I’m super picky about how children are portrayed

• let me know what things you aren’t comfortable with, such as mentions of alcohol, or my character having kids, etc.

• I’m not gonna be online every day

• the passcode to rp with me in dms after understanding all the rules is
‘on your left’

• if anyone forgets about me, then I just let them forget

• I do better with plots that are calm and happy,
as opposed to intense and angsty

• please don’t godmod / don’t control the characters I’m currently playing, not even the background characters

• controlling can be a lot of things, like deciding what they notice or don’t notice, or even dictating pieces of their history

favorite ships—

• tony x bucky

• tony x loki

• steve x loki

• loki x strange

• tony x strange

• pretty much any mxm combo of
the og avengers

• bruce x pugliese (haven’t been able to try this one yet but it seems cute)

• bucky x sam (same)

• yelena x kate

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Latest Questions

Q. "I mean ice skating? You?"
A. “Darling, I was practically born for ice skating.” - Loki
 Dec 4th 2022 23:01

Q. Would you like to rp Star wars?
A. I can possibly do a crossover ^^
 Dec 4th 2022 14:42

Latest Comments

"I am glad you are not going to fight this. I am enjoying us."
Dec 18th 2022 21:37

Who would ever believe? I am caught in your arms and I have no plans on fighting it.
Dec 18th 2022 21:06

Missed you today
Dec 14th 2022 23:58