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(Mallie Crow)
26 / Female / Single
California - United States
Mallie had a rough childhood. Her mother was a drug addict and sleeped with many men for drugs. Unfortunately, she became pregnant with a man from the military who left her alone. Before she gave birth, she fell in love with another man and shortly after Mallie was born, they married. But, being a mother was not in her agenda and continued to do drugs and go clubbing until she overdosed when Mallie was 6. Her father wasn’t much of a parent ether, he too will go out and club, leaving Mallie with her grandparents who were very old fashioned. They forced her to only wear dresses and do the house chores, if she ever stepped out of line or talked back to them, they would shut in her a dark room for as long as they liked. When Mallie was in her fathers care, he would only abuse her. He would call her inappropriate names such as cunt, whore, and slut at this very young age. Later on, Mallie began to believe she was a whore.

(This next part is NSFW trigger warning!)

When Mallie was entering her teenage years and puberty, her father began to notice her as a woman than a child. Since he wasn’t his biological father, he justictified himself into sexually harassing her and making her dress in revealing clothes. Of course, she wouldn’t dress in these clothes while at school, but whenever she was at school, she was always considered the shy and quiet girl. Due to her grandparents harsh punishments when she was a child, she became paranoid whenever she spoke and would often stutter. She thought she was not allowed to talk unless spoken too.

When she was in school, she found her passion in music and writing lyrics while playing the guitar. She made a goal for herself to graduate and move out as soon as possible to pursue her dreams in Hollywood and become a singer, but of course it was going to take a lot of work.

Whens she finally graduated, and saved enough money to move out, she found herself without a home and without any gigs to play her music. She had to live off the streets and play low paying odd jobs to get by. Unfortunately, she got herself in the same drug addiction as her mother. She began to steal and sleep with men to get money or seduce them into letting her live with them. Whenever she does live with a new man, she soon find out how abusive they really were. Because of all of the abuse, she developed PTSD, depression, and minor paranoia. She also became very self conscious on how she dressed. Feeling the need to dress in slutty clothing and overdoing her makeup to feel appreciated by the men in her life.

Shortly after this disruptive pattern, she gotten herself in deep trouble with the wrong type of people. While working at a club, she stole from a man who turned out to be the biggest pimp in that area. She was caught and for punishment she became his puppet and was forced to sale her body off until her debt was paid.

Now, she has became an escort. She is still trying to find ways out of the pimps debt and eye to start her goal dream all over again, but whenever she does, she gets in more trouble with him and in more abuse. Making it nearly impossible for her to escape.

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can we roleplay ?
May 14th 2018 22:34

Hello, Thanks for accepting
May 14th 2018 22:18

// Yeah, Sure
Jun 5th 2017 20:24

"Seeing you broken and scared...its beautiful..."
Jun 2nd 2017 22:41

Steve tilted his head then a sinister chuckle escaped his lips, He then licked his lips..."Mockery will only make things worse for you."
Jun 2nd 2017 22:17

"Well you could but it wouldn't matter....I recommend just accepting the inevitable."
Jun 2nd 2017 20:45

"I stalked you again im sorry.....Well not really. i like stalking my prey...." Steve laughed...
Jun 2nd 2017 20:39

"Well i guess you're right about this....World of sh*t huh?..Ive seen and experienced worse."
Jun 1st 2017 22:56

"Stalking is what i do...But i suppose could hold off and welcome you." Steve tilted his head, still smiling as he watched her.
Jun 1st 2017 22:39

send a message to see if it works?
May 17th 2017 17:09