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madimary's Blog

Leslie (Tarak Pt.3)

Anamika's human form

Name: Leslie

Age: 10
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Anamika (Tarak Pt. 2)

Name: Anamika

Gender: Female

Species: Extraterrestrial wolf

Age: 5

Abilities/Weapons: Levitation, mind reading, telekinesis, razor sharp teeth, human form of a child (10)

Personality: Anamika is extremely possessive of Tarak and hares when others show signs of interest in him, or when he shows signs of interest in them. She gets jealous easily but otherwise has a cool demeanor.

Likes: Television, video games, stuffed animals

Dislikes: Small or tight spaces, spring, summer
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Name: Tarak

Nickname: None

Gender: Male

Species: Mage and Elf

Age: 32

Height: 6'4

Occupation/Purpose: Healer

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual (leans more towards females romantically)

Family: Uncle (Killian, 89)

Abilities: Levitation, spell casting, shoot and produce lightning

Weapons: Dagger, potions, lightning infused necklace

Personality: Both of Tarak's parents passed away when he was at a young age. He grew up under the care of his deranged uncle and is now living a life full of magic and healing. He's quite charming and he knows it. His fascination of herbs and healing can reach no end. He's crafty and doesn't have an issue with stealing for what he needs. Tarak also has ADHD and was made fun of having it as a kid. He is still pretty self conscious about it and tries to hide it from others.

Likes: Cheese, wolves, adrenaline rushes

Dislikes: The wealthy, royalty, reading
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Talen (Arija Pt.2)

Name: Talen

Gender: Male

Species: Giant Panther

Age: 18

Abilities/Weapons: Night vision, large and sharp claws, glowing eyes that act as flashlights

Personality: Talen is a fierce protector of his friend and master, doing anything to keep her from harm's way. He's loyal and pure with a bit of an attitude. He has a hard exterior with a soft heart.

Likes: Digging and burrowing, butterflies

Dislikes: Onions, house cats, snow
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Name: Arija

NIckname: None

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Age: 26

Height: 5'5

Occupation/Purpose: Bounty Hunter

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Family: None

Weapons: Enchanted bow that never misses as long as you have faith in it

Personality/Backstory: Arija is strong willed and doesn't bend easily at the will of others. She feels a need to prove herself being human in a supernatural world. She had to train herself to hard limits to become an official bounty hunter. She is extremely stubborn and doesn't like following orders, a hard task she has had to deal with being a bounty hunter.

Likes: Wine, running, astrology

Dislikes: Blood, vampires, attention
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