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25 / Female / Single
Florida - United States
5,. 6. 130 single waitress, actress ambitions, I like the genres I listed. I will do others. My face claim is a rock guitarist. I am not here for guy sm*t. Men stop asking to friend me if you want explicit sex roleplay. So pretend I'm a rock guitarist, you saw me perform, and you want to hang out or go on a date. Maybe be a fan who is stalking me. I'm easily talked into a good storyline idea. In all genres I play any sexual orientation, lesbian , straight, or bi. I am a human female and my characters name is Sophie. I will respond asap but real life happens .I do have a job, need my sleep and other things beside leisure times. Mostly into horror plots or psych ones where you play with my mind. If you want to end our roleplay, just kill me off.

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Added 2 new storylines at the bottom of my profile. Having success with others. Having a ball here!
1  Oct 16th 2020 15:15

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