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luxuriousGlamor's Blog


[Name] Isami Uchida
[Age] 22

[Name] Miku Uchida
[Age] 22

wip, they work at a maid cafe, and part time as actual maids.
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2 | 0 Comments | Nov 23rd 2022 22:03


[| Name |] Choe Bree (“Chobi”)
[| Age |] 21

[| Bio |] Chobi was a normal run of the mill girl with no real notable childhood. However, when she graduated high school she had an awaking. She suddenly became addicted to pleasing others which culminated in her becoming a escort for women to love and enjoy.

[| Personality |] Chobi is a very shy and timid girl, but get her in private and she’s often described as one of the most loving and active girls you’ll ever meet, often times going out of her way to make her partner happy.

[| Notes |]
Chobi works as an accountant when not working as a escort.
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[| Name |] Elora Elly
[| Age |] 32
[| Gender |] Female

[| Bio |] Ever since her childhood Elora has been in some sort of 'Midnight Work', whether by choice or by force.'. After a major child trafficking bust Elora has been a free woman, but was quickly finding it hard to find any sort of meaningful work. So she did what she knew best and went back to selling her body for money, but this time she was doing it on her own terms and as a dominant as well. Elora was so good at what she did she eventually inherited the hostess club that she worked for on her 17th birthday, turning it more into a commune for underprivileged women who are just as passionate about their line of work as she is.

[| Personality |] Being a dominant in a submissive line of work turned her into a straightforward, cocky, and snarky. She usually pushes for what she wants until it happens, and she always gets what she wants.
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7 | 0 Comments | Nov 18th 2022 20:29


[| age |] 20
[| gender |] Female

[| bio |] Louis is your typical 'Kawii E-Girl' using her sex and looks to drain the banks of men online. Being a lesbian by nature, her attraction to her 'clients' is always just a ruse. After getting the money she'd always ghost the guy. Louis' drive is crazy due to her line of work.. Once is almost never enough for the girl.

[| personality |] Louis is manipulative. If she wants something she will manipulate, try to buy, or seduce her way to her goal. On top of this she is very hyper and unfiltered.
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8 | 0 Comments | Nov 18th 2022 20:28


0. If you're a male account you're getting blocked, I really don't care. If I added you though, I liked /something/ about you.
1. You add me, message me first. If I add you, I'll message you first.
2. I'll try to be around as much as I can, and as often as I can. If I'm not online here, message me on discord: luxuriousGlamor#5749 (message me before adding)
3. Hey! If you're reading this far, like the post, and tell me your favorite drink! (soda, milk, etc)
4. I'm a SWITCH but I'm more intrested in being a bottom. and No i'm not interested in being owned by anyone, nore am I willing to budge on the matter.
5. If you're bored, or I creep you out, or f***ing whatever, tell me!
6. If I don't get a reply from you for a few days without any warning, I'm going to remove you.
7. Furries are a hard no. Nekos are fine, though.
8. Everything I do on this account, or on Discord is an act. Most of my actions do not reflect how I feel as a real person. Just here for some fun times~
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25 | 5 Comments | Nov 18th 2022 20:24