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Hey. I will get this done as quickly as possible. I am terrible at "Breaking The Ice", So to speak, so please do bear (Bare)? with me.

I roleplay as Valentina Luna Aumont. The half-sister of Klaus Mikaelson and the adopted sister of Kol, Elijah, Finn, Henry, Rebekah, and Freya. She is the Biological Daughter of Ansel Aumont (Klaus's Biological Father) and a Blackwell Witch named Vivienne Blackwell.

Both parents died at the hands of her adopted Father, who spared her life, for reasons, no one really knows. When her biological father's ex-pack member killed her adopted brother Henry, her adopted/step-mother, turned the rest of her siblings into vampires.

When they awoke as vampires they attacked the village, killing and draining everyone of blood. A few of the people attacked her thinking she was the same as her siblings, but she deflected their moves until one of them got too close and she killed him with a wave of her hand, snapping his neck, triggering her werewolf side.

Now she is a hybrid (Half Wolf and Half Witch), and she is living with her siblings and helping to protect their family and legacy.


As for Storyline ideas:

1. She can portal to your world.

2. She can be spelled to your world.

3. She can be sucked into your world (Through some Supernatural element)

4. Or some other idea (That we can think of together)


Please read my profile and rules, as well as join my writing group. I don't write in messages or comments, as I lose track of everything.

If the group thing isn't something you are comfortable with then I wish you luck. The group is for one on one stories, Drabbles and RPG Drabbles.


Oct 17th 2021 14:13

Hi there, lucifermorningstar! Did you get my message from 4 months ago?
Mar 14th 2020 10:40

hi there, hope to hear from you eventually
Jan 23rd 2020 08:53

Oct 19th 2019 06:09

hey there! I hope we can maybe discuss a plot when you aren't busy? just hit me up if you want too x
Jun 15th 2019 17:43

Can we rp please
Nov 3rd 2014 15:00

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Nov 1st 2014 16:10

Elena was a normal teenager she was and cheerleader. She was super smart she took the ap class.tonight the cheerleader were having a party drinking and smoking weed
Oct 30th 2014 17:51

on phone:)
Jul 22nd 2014 16:00