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(Cassie Seeley)
23 / Female / In a Relationship
Arizona - United States
Hi! I was on this website a few years back, but I took a break. Now, I'm back! I'm Mormon, so try not to cuss around me. ^^

My favorite things to roleplay about are mermaids, mermaids and more mermaids! I also loved doing Pokemon roleplays and new concepts.

Welp, I love writing, reading, drawing, swimming in a mermaid tail, making videos, singing, dancing, watching anime, and many more things you will probably find out through our lovely roleplays. ^^

I don't do any sexual things 'cause... I mean... I'm Mormon. I love to be in completely unique roleplays because we can let our inspiration soar. I couldn't fit in the many verses and characters I have, so I'll need to list those... at some point.

Anyway, it's good to be back! ^^

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