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(Maeve <3)
21 / Female / Single and Looking
Corner of Park and Main - United States
This is an 18+ account. I do not add or message minors.

Hello and welcome to my page! Here’s what I’m looking for in a roleplay:
➣ Dark and dramatic romance.
➣ Enemies or rivals to lovers.
➣ Patient responders.
➣ Lots of OOC plotting and discussion.
➣ Literacy.

Dynamics I’d like to explore:
➣ Academic or business rivals.
➣ Musician x fan (no RPF).
➣ Religious leader x skeptic.
➣ Bonnie and Clyde inspired.
➣ Yandere x senpai.
➣ Superhero x supervillain.
➣ Affair partners.
➣ Vampire x hunter.
➣ Criminal x detective.

I roleplay as both male and female characters; all genders and sexualities are encouraged. Be open to dark subject matters if you’d like to write together.

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