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♡ plot ideas

{y/c= your character}


NSFW-ish themes involved

♡ y/c is the new student in school. The moment Shuichi lands eyes on them, he’s instantly lovestruck. But due to his awkward behavior, and the fact that y/c right away became popular among their classmates; he becomes unable to approach. And so.. He decides to just lurk around, admiring from behind the scenes before finally being caught by y/n and confronted. Not wanting them to report him or anything like that.. Shuichi promises them something- that he’ll do whatever y/c wants, or says. And that he’s even willing to prove it.

»»————- ♡ ————-««
NSFW/Dark themes involved

♡ y/c is an idol band, that has become rather popular and has a large fanbase. Shuichi is among them; and his favorite member is none other than y/c. He’s collected just about every poster, every cd, and so on about that. In fact, his entire room is just about filled with y/n merch. So of course, the day he finally attends a meet and greet- he takes this as his one and only opportunity to abduct y/c. And after having done so, he tries his best to get y/c to love him; but threatens that if they try to leave.. It won’t be them that’ll pay the price.

»»————- ♡ ————-««

NSFW-ish/Gore themes involved

♡ y/n is a vampire hunter, that has been on the chase after a man who supposedly has been converting innocent humans into bloodthirsty vampires. While exploring what seems to be an abandoned manor, he happens to run into Shuichi- who at first, appears as a lost civilian. However, after having led y/n into a trap, Shuichi reveals himself as the man y/c has been looking for, and attacks them. But rather than killing y/c.. He decides to leave them alive, having absolutely grown fond of their blood after a single taste. And so he gives them the choice, of turning into a vampire like him and becoming his spouse- or end up staying in his manor forever as a human, but also as his servant..?

»»————- ♡ ————-««

Dark-ish themes involved

♡ y/c and Shuichi were awfully close throughout their childhood. But things changed the moment they lost contact, after y/c moved out of town. Always having been socially awkward, Shuichi becomes unable to make any new friends and grows up alone. Well, not exactly alone as he has his fictional series and games to have kept him company. In fact.. It was all he relied on, to give himself some company. However, because it was nothing more but pure fiction.. His thoughts and beliefs of how love works, became all deranged. So by the time y/c comes back into town, and the two instantly bond once more; y/c realizes he’s not exactly the same. And so y/c decides to help him, before things become too late and he ends up hurting himself, someone, or.. Even them.

(This one is more lighthearted than my other ideas; but it can take dark turns here and there, depending on how it turns out!)

»»————- ♡ ————-««

More will be added eventually!
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♡ character

{Shuichi is a canon character, from Danganronpa V3. However, I changed things up here, for the sake of making him more adjustable when roleplaying with oc’s, and such. And also I just love pregame Shuichi, so this is honestly mostly my headcanon(s) for him. Oh, and yeah- you don't need to be familiar with the game; again, the Shuichi I'll use here is just mostly consisted of personal headcanons and all that}


♡ name: Shuichi Saihara
♡title: Ultimate Detective
♡ age: 16-25 (depending on our rp)
♡ gender: male
♡ sexuality: Bi
♡ height: 5’7


♡ Shuichi is a rather pale and thin male. At first glance, he may almost seem a bit feminine due to his long bottom lashes, and his thin body. He tends to mostly wear black clothing, and even paints his own nails black at times. Aside from that, he always carries a black cap when in public, in order to obscure his own eyes, as he heavily dislikes making eye contact.


♡ Outwardly, Shuichi is someone who’s very quiet, and tends to remain in his own bubble; avoiding any trouble around him. He's very much introverted, and isn't exactly the best at communicating with others as he ends up getting rather timid and awkward. Despite that however, he is a very intelligent person and can even easily see through other's lies. However.. he is also very self-conscious when it comes to making deductions, and will instantly quiet down if anyone outright speaks against his points/ideas. And so because of this- any positive remark, or even simple compliments he gets; Shuichi will cherish them ever so dearly as they even give him a slight boost in confidence.

However.. this is all a facade he puts when out in public. Now inwardly, truly, he’s someone who’s rather eccentric and even obsessive when it comes to his interests (games, anime, etc). In short term, he's the complete opposite of his timid self that he shows to others. He can be annoying, very talkative; and even possessive when it comes to objects, or even people. And oddly enough, he can be *very* lustful as well.


Like all other yanderes of course, Shuichi wouldn't be afraid at all to get his hands dirty if it meant keeping his beloved safe and sound.

He isn't outright aggressive though, and rather passive actually. Murder will always be his last resort- but of course, he won't ever hesitant in doing it and getting aggressive, should things get sticky for him.

Now when it comes to his beloved, Shuichi would do the utmost to make them comfortable and happy; and will even shower them completely with his 'obsessive love'. He would also heavily enjoy being controlled around by his beloved, and would almost do everything that's been asked of him (unless of course it goes something against his own desires!). Though if his beloved is unwilling to cooperate.. then he surely will take the role as the dominant one, in order to control things instead.

In short terms; he’s a switch. He mostly enjoys being the submissive one however; but when it comes to his own needs, he certainly will become the dominant one.

Shuichi isn't really the type to bring physical harm to his beloved, and will avoid doing so at all costs, as he really doesn't want to bring them any harm. The most he will do is drug them to keep them tranquil; but never anything past that, unless it’s absolutely necessary. His main goal after all is win his beloved's heart; and having them fear him would be the last thing against that. But again.. that doesn't mean he wouldn't be willing to harm *others* that stand in his way.

He would show his love in very normal manners such as making meals for them, and bathing them- though that strong obsessive, and lustful side of his will continue to remain, serving as a reminder that he truly is far from normal.

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♡ rules

♡ no goddmodding

♡ if you are here *only* for ero; then im not the right person to rp with.

♡ im okay with nsfw as long as its built up though

♡ no nsfw stuff if you’re under 18

♡ no racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. will be tolerated

♡ i get pretty busy with school at times, so please don’t rush me for a reply

♡ dont message me in-character

♡ i don’t roleplay with furries

♡ i will do both mxm and mxf

♡ dark themes welcomed (most)

♡ no one-lining; type at least at the bare minimum a paragraph

♡ use /, (, or { when talking out of rp
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