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(shuichi saihara)
19 / Male / In a Relationship
your heart - Japan
“Yandere: someone who’s initially caring, and innocent before switching into
someone who displays an extreme, often violent or psychotic, level of
devotion and obsession to a love interest.”

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“This might get a little messy, I’m sure.”

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// i want to apologize to everyone for not having responded in quite a while. some time around christmas, i ended up falling ill and before i knew it- it turned out to be COVID. i haven't been feeling good in the slightest since then, and have just been resting.

now though, i can say i'm certainly (and thankfully..) feeling better, and i know i've had some of you waiting for nearly a month, and i am *very* sorry..! i will try to get those replies out as soon as i can!
5  Jan 18th 2022 19:10

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